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A challenge coin is a small medallion that bears an organization’s insignia or emblem and is typically carried by the organization’s members. The history of the coin has several stories, most of which have military origins.

Historically, they were given to prove membership to an organization, to commemorate a special achievement, exchanged in recognition of a visit and also to enhance morale. In modern day, the rules of the challenge coin have become more relaxed. The coin has become a collectors item, sought after by fellow service members and emergency services personnel.

We are selling our challenge coin as a fundraiser for our department. The coins can be purchased for $20 from any member of Churchbridge Fire Rescue or at the town office. Feel free to send us a message either via email at or via our contact us page and we can arrange your purchase as well.

Shipping at buyers expense.

Challenge Coin

Side one features a Maltese Cross, the traditional symbol of the fire service, centered on the coin. The cross is coloured yellow with a black background, the Town of Churchbridge colours. The outer edge of the coin has the two represented councils and the year the fire department was established in Churchbridge.

Challenge Coin

Side two features a maple leaf centered on the coin, representing Canada. The leaf is green and yellow, the colours of Saskatchewan. The thin red line divides the colours, showing respect to all firefighters who were injured or killed in the line of duty. The outer edge of the coin is engraved with the 8 inherent qualities that all firefighters hold. These qualities are also signified by the 8 points on the maltese cross.

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